Cross street decorations

In terms of all city decorations for the New Year celebration, the most important part is decorating main avenues and central squares. LED cross street decorations and various LED constructions create fabulous compositions based on tricks of the light and contrast with the environment. Plasticity of the material allows us to create decorations of the most unusual shapes, maintaining a common style and creating the right mood.

New Year cross street decorations

The main trend in cross street designs today is a harmonious combination with the architectural landscape of the city and nature. Festive decorations should be a part of the general concept, they should be light and airy.

Therefore, the trend is to use weightless LED cross street decorations for urban design. They can be made in different styles: classic or futuristic. Cross street decorations remain the most understandable and popular element of festive decoration for city administrations and residents. If a controller is included, they can be modified with various dynamic effects: flickering, smooth changes in the glow, slow lighting up and dowsing.

Most often this option is used for decorating the central streets of the city. In the case of St. Petersburg, such designs are also used to decorate space above the canals. When the water is not yet frozen, and the ice is not covered with snow, LED structures are reflected in the water, creating an unusual effect of mysterious flicker on the water surface.

Cross street decorations should not distract drivers or blind them with their glow. So, for such constructions, AIRA chooses LEDs with a warm glow with minimal dynamics. In addition to the decorative function, LED cross street decorations also serve as a source of illumination, making it safe to walk along the streets even on dark winter evenings.

Production of cross street decorations

In the manufacture of our cross street designs, AIRA uses materials that allow us to lighten the construction as much as possible. The main thing is the space between the elements, which creates a feeling of airiness and lightness of the whole structure. Nevertheless, despite the seeming fragility, our decorations are resistant to winds and unfavorable weather conditions.

In addition, we try to choose both inexpensive and high-quality materials. Each light-emitting diode is enclosed in the strong housing resistant to frosts which positively affects the durability of the construction. In addition to LEDs, we often use film and stained glass materials. They allow us to play with light: reflect the sun's light and create original lighting effects.

Cross street decorations

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