Flower beds

The development of a comfortable urban environment goes hand in hand with the need to increase green areas and vegetation. Flower beds are objects of lanscape design which solve several problems at once. First, they are a strategic environmental regulation of the microclimate of the city suffering from gas pollution. Second, they help to create a visually pleasant and animated urban space which positively affects the emotional state of citizens.

AIRA works on creating such hardscape elements as single and multilayer flower beds and cache-pot for decorating city streets and public areas. Our flower beds are used not only as a part of the street or courtyard spaces, they also complement the architectural landscape of the city and even automobile highways.

Flower beds

AIRA offers the creation of theme flower beds to prepare the city for a holiday or a large-scale event. For example, for Easter, we have developed flower beds in the form of an eggshell, painted in different colors.

Changing the idea of the traditional visual appearance, we created structural frames of flower beds from LED lamps. It adds light to city streets and works as a creative approach to the decoration of the urban environment at the same time.

The use of multi-layered flower beds is an architectural and at the same time ecological solution. Such flower beds act as an independent element of decor, create a visually pleasing image of the city and simultaneously perform important ecological functions.


Flowerbeds are a green element of the zoning of park areas and squares, city streets. AIRA creates spectacular floral compositions and develops creative flower beds from environmentally friendly materials of various shapes and sizes. As well as flower beds, planters can be made multilayered, filling them with one- and multi-color floral compositions or evergreen plants.

Cache-pots for fences

This is a popular element of the improvement of loaded highways or central roads. They are a constructive and at the same time aesthetic way to separate the roadway from pedestrian areas and absorb part of the exhaust gases and dust. Considering our climatic conditions, we are creating cache-pots of frost-resistant materials. This makes our urban spaces green even in the cold season.

Cache-pots on light poles

City improvement is not always underfoot or at eye level. Mounted on the poles of the lighting, cache-pots decorate a nice looking street or park alley, creating the effect of airiness of the overall design composition.

Sensory gardens

Additional functions of green architecture include creative installations and street lighting elements. Flower beds are also an important part of sensory gardens, small mobile islands of nature, that citizens lack. The peculiarity of such gardens is the obligatory tactile contact with nature.

Flower beds

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