New Year decorations

Новогоднее оформление

Christmas trees


Shopping centers

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Cross street decorations

New Year or Christmas holidays is a pleasant event in the life of the city. However, it requires thorough preparations and attention to detailes. AIRA offers a comprehensive approach to city decorations for the New Year taking into the account all possible details. The creative interpretation of traditional holiday symbols vitalizes art objects and compositions that then receive professional and popular recognition.

Outdoor decoration

In order to decorate city streets, public spaces and green areas, we use an innovative material that can withstand any weather conditions, be it strong wind or severe frost. Luminous arches, tunnels and themed column and cross street decorations are the main constructions that should remain bright even in the bad weather.

In order to decorate the New Holland Island in Saint Petersburg, we used conceptual art objects along with unique light compositions. They included giant Christmas tree balls and a four-meter figure of the Nutcracker. The paint on these giant figures was placed inside the objects. Such a technology allows us to significantly extend the service life of art objects.

Indoor decoration

A trend for big art objects and suspended structures has been dictating the appearance of malls, shopping centers and other commercial objects for several years now. Suspended structures can easily change the appearance of the place and create a pleasant New Year atmosphere.

In interior design, we use suspended structures in the form of Christmas balls, New Year sweets, and stars. Our designers have created a large collection of luminous decorations using classical forms in a creative and memorable way.

Christmas trees

Christmas tree is the main symbol of the New Year. Today, it does not have to be real or completely artificial, but it should be as close as possible to the natural one. The creative approach to this symbol produces a surprising variety of design solutions. Our Christmas trees do not require additional decorations. Built-in LEDs allow you to simplify the installation process and save money on decorations. AIRA's Christmas trees became an integral part of New Year decorations of major shopping centers and central squares. Every year we cooperate with the Hermitage, decorating the Hermitage Theater with spruce branches made of EKKA needles and reviving the tradition of celebrating the New Year at the imperial court. Artists together with children make toys based on archive photographs of the XIX century.

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