Photozones are becoming more and more popular as an element of festive decorations of public spaces and interiors. In addition to the entertainment function, photo zones are an effective tool for advertising campaigns.

Photozone branding

Photozones can be executed in corporate colors of the customer or reflect the brand values, while the unique hashtag, placed in a prominent place, is easy to use in social networks, as well as to analyze the level of the audience involved.

Photozones can feature any advertising, interiors or creative functional solutions. They may also have some additional elements and props allowing visitors to create an image of the character in the picture. The attention to small details creates the effect of realism, motivates people to interact with objects and creates a festive mood.

Street New Year Photozones

Catchy and creative New Year decorations are the best present for citizens. Photozones create an island of interactivity in the city: inside them, you can imagine yourself as president, look at the world through the huge glasses of Santa Claus and, finally, take a nice photo. For example, a photo zone in the form of a dial, reminiscent of a famous "Five Minutes" melody, looks really unusual. We also offer New Year photo zones in the form of shining stars.

Our outdoor photozones are resistant to winds as we use special fasteners for their installation. Photo zones from LED structures can serve as an additional source of illumination.

New Year photo zones in shopping centers

In large malls and entertainment centers, a photo zone is a place for rest and entertainment in between making purchases. They are carried out according to the general concept of the interior design of the place: it can be huge glossy gift boxes, Christmas balls on the stands, or some kind of benches under the Christmas tree.

For the design of New Year photo zones in shopping centers, AIRA often uses luminous structures in the form of fancy arches of various shapes, art objects depicting fantastic characters or holiday symbols. In addition, a warm light coming from these structures allows visitors to take perfect pictures.


Фотозона «Обращение президента»

Photozone "Address of the President"

  • ФЗ 201-1
Пирамида «С Новым Годом»

Pyramid "Happy New Year"

  • ШК 203
Инсталляция «Большой сюрприз»

Installation "Big surprise"

  • ФЗ 204
Инсталляция «Хрустальный лабиринт»

The installation "the Crystal maze"

  • СК 508
Фотозона «Мишура»

Photozone "Tinsel"

  • ФЗ 203
Фотозона «Балет»

Photozone "Ballet"

  • СК 528
Фотозона «Карета»

Photozone "Coach"

  • СК 100-2
Фотозона «Сундук с сокровищами»

Photozone "Treasure chest"

  • СК 526
Фотозона «Балерина»

Photozone "Ballerina"

  • СК 100-3
Фотозона «Зеркала»

Photozone "Mirrors"

  • СК 100-5
Домик Деда Мороза

House of Santa Claus

  • ФЗ 202-1
Фотозона «Зазеркалье»

Photozone "Looking glass"

  • ФЗ 221
Инсталляция «Мандарины»

Installation "Tangerines"

  • ОФ 240
Арка «Подарки»

Arch "Gifts"

  • ОФ 130-4
Инсталляция «Люстра»

Installation "Chandelier"

  • СК 512
Полигональный снеговик

Polygon snowman

  • СК 512
Полигональный заяц

Polygon hare

  • ОИ 408-1
Фотозона «Туннель времени»

Photozone "The time tunnel"

  • РА 110
Фотозона «Подарок»

Photozone "Gift"

  • ФЗ 202-1
Ель «Попкорн»

Christmas Tree "Popcorn"

  • ЕИ 101
Фотозона «Попкорн»

Photozone "Popcorn"

  • ЕИ 100-5

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