Big cities today are changing faster than people can understand and comprehend it. Architects, urbanists, and designers must learn how to respond to new challenges. Over 14 years of work, the AIRA company has made great progress in resolving this issue and has secured the title of the innovation leader. We are trusted by heads of regions, city mayors, owners of large international companies and local brands. Obviously, there are several reasons for that.

Investments in design

The most important thing about our work is human capital assets. We find young designers and architects and create conditions for them to work and create in the most comfortable environment, investing money in their development. AIRA can be very proud of the fact that over the years it managed not to repeat itself, continuously creating unique products in any sphere, be it city illumination, complex decoration for celebrations, decorations of shopping centers, or hardscape elements. We carefully observe the world trends, but we prefer to be trendsetters. AIRA is not ashamed of presenting its catalogs at the leading international exhibitions.


Smart technologies are a new necessary minimum for a modern metropolis, as requirements to the urban environment are growing every day. SMART should become a part of our daily life: a full-fledged infrastructure for cyclists with special lighting that provides complete safety, intelligent children's play areas, luminous roads and sidewalks with clear and transparent navigation, visible at any time of the year - AIRA introduces such innovations that tomorrow will be mandatory for the urban environment.

Technopark and production

A few years ago, AIRA began to develop new directions and invest in innovative projects. We reoriented to high-tech production: now, we invent and use materials that work with their own interactive systems. One of our major innovations, SELIN, an optical shockproof polymer used for the production of intelligent lighting systems, has already proved its advantages over traditional materials in a variety of implemented projects. Our next step is the launch of our very own industrial technopark in the Leningrad Region in July 2018, that will serve for the needs of the city. It will unite young architects, designers, urbanists and manufacturers of hardscape elements for successful work on the Creating a Comfortable Urban Environment federal program.

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