Art objects

Art objects

Art object is a creative way to attract attention, cost-effectively change the space, and make it more unique and popular. Art objects can be sought after either by businesses, interested in unique ways of bringing brand values to the audience and increasing brand loyalty, or by public authorities seeking to beautify the urban environment and form a new image of the city.

Such objects are a synthesis of several types of arts, and not every designer is able to create a successful solution that can be aesthetically attractive, resistant to the environmental effects, carrying a clear message, and harmoniously inscribed in a given space at the same time. Most often they are made in the form of a spatial composition of static objects, however, for temporary installations, kinetic sculptures with moving parts are more popular. It is also worth noting one of the latest trends - functional art objects that become part of the urban landscape or public space. These are bright benches, for example in a form of ice-cream or fruits (AIRA offered such a solution in one of the shopping centers).

Winter art objects

Traditionally, winter art objects are dedicated to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Thus, in 2017, AIRA, inspired by the tale called the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, decorated the New Holland island. A four-meter figure of the Nutcracker made of fiberglass with increased resistance to unfavorable weather conditions was installed at the entrance to the island. However, AIRA's ultimate bestsellers during the winter period are giant Christmas tree balls created with a special technique: the paint is placed inside the materials, ensuring a long life of the art object on the street and inside the premises. Traditional symbols are also quite popular: gift boxes designed in the customer's colors, figures of Grandfather Frost, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Children will definitely appreciate the functionality of our snowmen as they can dismantle and assemble them, as well as sit and draw on them.

Summer art objects

In the summer, city parks and beaches become a favorite vacation spot for citizens. Temporary constructions of light materials and floral compositions help to transform these areas. Water ponds also become a place for creativity: inflatable designs surprise and attract attention. AIRA launched such a project in Tatarstan, creating a distinctive style for the beach in Almetievsk, which included huge inflatable figures of ducks on the City Lake and dogs in the park, that were made according to unique designer sketches. Thanks to this project, the city won the All-Russian competition and was awarded the title of The Most Comfortable Urban Settlement in Russia in 2017.

Multifunctional art objects

Art objects are the best solution to emphasize the individual character of the place and become a new symbol of the park, city, or serve various commercial purposes. Letter sculptures, or font compositions, are an image art object that can be a part of the city branding. The names of cities can be found on central squares, embankments and in parks. Installations can consist of motivating words, hashtags or phrases that will please and inspire citizens and tourists. Often, citizens are offered to take part in the creation of such installations by participating in an open vote for the best idea. We did this in Tatarstan, when we were working on the project to restore the Sarmanovo park. As the result, the park was decorated with polygonal figures in the form of birds, spherical lamps resembling the Moon in a telescope and lamps in the form of wheat ears.

Art objects are also commonly used as places for photo sessions, so we try to make them more suitable for such purposes: A special dais and a convenient location will certainly help visitors to make a perfect selfie!

Theme art objects

AIRA offers the creation of theme art objects for streets, avenues, and city squares timed to a specific event: holiday, festival, or championship. Together with the whole country, we are preparing for the World Cup, which takes place in Russia in 2018, and we are creating some unique installations for it: flower beds in the form of balls, football-themed sculptures, and unusual photo zones add positive emotions to this long-awaited event.

Production of art objects

AIRA has a wide range of ready-made objects, however, we will be glad to implement individual projects according to the customer's ideas - from the concept to the final installation. Our designers are ready to help you with finding the idea that will become the semantic center of the future composition. Our own production helps us to implement even the most daring projects. It does not matter whether your desired art object is big or small, static or mobile, it will most certainly attract the attention of the audience and please you and your visitors.

Art objects

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