During the winter, the facades of buildings are blank canvases, which almost ask for a luminous decoration. Luckily, modern materials and innovative technologies do not limit the flight of designer imagination.

Decorative lighting plays an important role in the work of retailers, as it attracts the new customers to stores and shopping centers. Light structures in the form of Christmas and New Year symbols, inscriptions and hashtags look good on facades of buildings during both day and night, favorably highlighting the object and emphasizing its features. The dynamics of geometric structures are created with the help of an innovative DMX-system, that makes it seem like the elements of the facade design are moving. Individual style of facades is also formed with the help of letter compositions made of LEDs.

One of the most popular variants is curtain lights which are designed for large areas. They are characterized by high brightness, variety, and richness of colors from classic white to the unique color variations, they can have a constant or dynamic glow, which is provided by a special built-in controller. Curtain lights can be interconnected and thus they create a three-dimensional composition. Low energy consumption and safe fireproof materials, along with other factors make this type of decor attractive for decorating business centers, public spaces and shopping malls.

Our specialists are ready to make a luminous design for the facade of any complexity, having developed an original concept that takes into account all the wishes of the customer. Over the years, we have collected a nice portfolio, having worked with many large Russian commercial sites: TSUM, Okhta Moll, Galleria,VEGAS in Crocus City, and LUKOIL head office. In Okhta Moll, AIRA was the only Russian company that introduced the concept of the facade decoration of a new shopping complex in St. Petersburg. It beat foreign competitors and won the competition.

When in 2017 TsUM was decorated with our illumination design, it was titled the Best Commercial Facade Design for the New Year. This project is one of the most loved, and its development, design, and implementation were carried out in a very short time: it took us only two weeks! A lot of stars with a warm light and the flicker of stroboscopes shone brightly throughout day and night. All elements were made of light and strong materials resistant to both severe frosts and sharp temperature changes. 

We have developed a special concept for the decoration of facades for ski resorts. It was implemented in Rosa Khutor. With the help of DMX-systems, we managed to create an effect of flying snowflakes; and the figure of the skier can be a stand-alone structure or decorate the facade and lighting poles.

Creating an elegant illumination design on the facade of the building that would complement the architectural design and at the same time be easy to install and use is always a difficult task. In order to solve it, AIRA uses special fastening techniques and lightweight structures, which allow us to work even with complex surfaces, such as historical facades or glass facades, without hammering a single nail in them. The structures are safe, reliable and have a long service life. For the convenience of our customers, AIRA also offers an additional service - installation of all our products, which saves time and gives the opportunity to pay more attention to aesthetic issues.


«Звездное небо»

"Starry sky"

  • ОИ 225-2
«Королевское Рождество»

"Royal Christmas"

  • ОФ 206

"Rain of gifts"

  • ОФ 212
«Полярная звезда»


  • ОФ 238-1п
«Прекрасная эпоха»

"A beautiful era"

  • ОФ 210
«Коллаборация света»

"Сollaboration of light"

  • ОИ 250
Светодиодный занавес

Led curtain

  • ОФ 404


  • ВГ 002


  • ВГ 002
«Рождественский сон»

"Christmas dream"

  • ОФ 315


  • ОФ 207
«Пять минут»

"Five minutes"

  • ОИ 239
«Зимняя сказка»

"Winter fairy tale"

  • ОФ 400

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