During the New Year holidays, citizens spend more time on the streets, especially in park areas. This means that the city needs a careful preparation for the holidays. The concept of decorations for city parks should be prepared in advance in order to provide good recreation areas, think over the navigation and take care of the winter entertainment.

AIRA offers the creation and development of New Year decorations for parks. We creatively approach every detail of the design and create full-fledged finished compositions that citizens will remember for a long time.

New Year decorations with lights

Luminous objects and compositions are, perhaps, the most popular decorations for the New Year. During the winter, it starts to get dark very early while citizens spend even more time outside. That is why the light is used in 90% of the elements of the external New Year decorations - in cross-street decorations, banners, garlands, suspended structures and etc.

New Year light figures serve as an additional source of illumination. Park areas and streets become pleasant and safe for winter walks. Among other luminous constructions, AIRA offers big luminous balls, where you can make spectacular photos or luminous spheres from molded acrylic. Dynamic compositions also look very unusual: for one of the parks, AIRA created a luminous art object in the form of a girl with soap bubbles. The construction is interactive: if one blows in the ring, light bubbles will blink on the trees.

Our company also produces customized light art objects. Luminous tunnels and arches made of a lightweight aluminum frame can be an elegant decoration for a walking route. Their glow can be static, with RGB or video effect. Another integral element is the decoration of trees with light garlands or special suspensions that do not deform branches and trunks. Specifically for amusement parks, AIRA offers a New Year decoration for carousels. This way, a Ferris wheel can be turned into a huge light dial with a static or controlled arrow.

The New Holland Island

One of the AIRA's landmark projects is the New Year decoration of the New Holland Island in St. Petersburg. We managed to create a festive atmosphere and give the familiar New Year symbols a creative touch. The main hero of the island was the Nutcracker. The four-meter figure, made of fiberglass, greeted the park guests at the entrance. Along the perimeter of the island, we placed giant Christmas balls, and a natural spruce was placed in the center of the New Year composition. The finishing touch of the festive decoration was a warm light coming from hanging snowflakes and large garlands.


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