Christmas trees

Christmas tree is an essential symbol of the New Year. In late December, the city is transformed. There is a festive illumination on the streets. Squares are decorated with unusual sculptures, compositions and Christmas trees.

For many years now, AIRA has been producing artificial Christmas trees of various shapes and sizes intended for both indoor and outdoor decorations. 

As a rule, people think of artificial trees as of unattractive ones due to their poor quality and bad appearance compared to natural forest trees.

However, with the help of modern technologies, we can create artificial trees that are even aesthetically superior to their natural analogues. Such a tree can have any height and stand as long as you want.

In the work, we use materials adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia, which retain an attractive appearance for a long time and are resistant to temperature changes, strong winds, and heavy rainfalls.

We are very proud that every year AIRA works with the State Hermitage decorating the Hermitage Theatre with EKKA needles. We are reviving the tradition of celebrating the New Year in the Imperial Palace, according to which children and professional artists create toys based on the archival photographs of the XIX century.

Spruce for "AVENUE-SOUTH-WEST" shopping center, which Ira installed in 2017 in front of the shopping Mall, has become one of the most high-tech Christmas trees for the company.


For artificial trees that mimic live, high demands - important appearance, tactile feel and even the smell! The basic model of the pine tree has a built-in backlight capacity of only 24V, which ensures complete safety. Spruce consists of 114 short branches. The length of the branch is 1.3 meters, 33 LEDs with warm glow. The design of needles is 100% identical to natural, pleasant smell of needles and tangerines. On its basis, "Aira" creates different design options: at the request of the customer, designers can individually develop the concept of decoration.

Practicality. Each branch and the frame ekka-needles are equipped with a rubber cable and equipped with a rubberized connector IP 67, which protects against moisture and frost to -50 degrees. The lack of classic garlands eliminates the problem with the damage, gaps and knots in the wires of the garlands when removing the spruce. This technology ensures long-term and practical storage, preservation of presentation and further operation of products.

Economy and efficiency. Christmas trees "ekka-needles" do not require decoration with garlands, as they have built-in LEDs on the branches, which saves money when installing and dismantling: payment of decorators and electricians, as well as the purchase of the garland. Due to the built-in uniform illumination ekka-needles looks self-sufficient, which saves money on the purchase of jewelry. Thanks to the built-in garland you do not need to spend time on decorating the Christmas tree, and the finished electrical circuit and built-in wiring in the frame of spruce saves time on communications and connections. Spruce from ekka-needles is a fast and high-quality solution!


Ель «Классика»

Christmas tree "Classic"

  • ХЕ 101
Ель «Лебединое озеро»

Christmas tree "Swan lake"

Ель «Русская песня»

Christmas tree "Russian song"

  • ХЕ 401
Ель «Золушка»

Christmas tree "Cinderella"

  • СЕ 101-2
Ель «Авеню»

Christmas tree "Avenue"

  • СЕ 213
Ель «Париж»

Christmas tree "Paris"

  • ХЕ 300
Ель «Буквы»

Christmas tree "Letters"

  • ЕИ 322
Ель «На санях»

Christmas tree "On sledges"

  • ХЕ 201
Ель «Вегас»

Christmas tree "Vegas"

  • СЕ 216
Ель «Хамелеон»

Christmas tree "Chameleon"

  • ДМХ 101
Ель «Digital»

Christmas tree "Digital "

  • СЕ 110
Ель «Снежная»

Christmas tree "Snow"

  • ХЕ 304
Ель «Черное озеро»

Christmas tree "Black lake"

Ель «Орбита»

Christmas tree "Orbit"

  • СЕ 214
Ель «Юла»

Christmas tree "Whirligig"

  • ХЕ 202
Ель «Фейерверк»

Christmas tree "Fireworks"

  • СЕ 215
Ель «Балерина»

Christmas tree "Ballerina"

  • СЕ 219
Ель «Снежки»

Christmas tree "Snowballs"

  • СЕ 220
Ель «Диско»

Christmas tree "Disko"

  • ЕИ 319
Ель «Кристалл»

Christmas tree "Crystal"

  • ЕИ 320
Ель «Торжество»

Christmas tree "Celebration"

  • ЕИ 321
Ель «Гала»

Christmas tree "Gala"

  • СЕ 106

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