Christmas trees

Christmas tree is an essential symbol of the New Year. In late December, the city is transformed. There is a festive illumination on the streets. Squares are decorated with unusual sculptures, compositions and Christmas trees.

For many years now, AIRA has been producing artificial Christmas trees of various shapes and sizes intended for both indoor and outdoor decorations. As a rule, people think of artificial trees as of unattractive ones due to their poor quality and bad appearance compared to natural forest trees. However, with the help of modern technologies, we can create artificial trees that are even aesthetically superior to their natural analogues. Such a tree can have any height and stand as long as you want.

In the work, we use materials adapted to the climatic conditions of Russia, which retain an attractive appearance for a long time and are resistant to temperature changes, strong winds, and heavy rainfalls.

We are very proud that every year AIRA works with the State Hermitage decorating the Hermitage Theatre with EKKA needles. We are reviving the tradition of celebrating the New Year in the Imperial Palace, according to which children and professional artists create toys based on the archival photographs of the XIX century.

Artificial Christmas tree: classics and avant-garde

Artificial Christmas trees are widely in demand for decorating streets and atriums of commercial buildings. Our designers are used to face difficult tasks and able to develop a solution using sophisticated decorating techniques that will suit every customer. The company's portfolio has both classical compositions with light decorations and bold compositions in various styles. For example, the Avenue model is inspired by the avant-garde of the beginning of the last century and made using modern DMX-technologies; and the Orbita Christmas tree is a stylish suspended structure of sparkling hoops of various sizes and golden garlands.

EKKA needles

The requirements for artificial Christmas trees imitating natural ones are very high: the appearance, tactile sensations, and even smell are important! Basic models have needle design indistinguishable from natural ones, and they smell of pine and mandarins. This is possible due to the use of new EKKA-needles material. A built-in illumination of the warm spectrum creates an unobtrusive flicker. The power of the illumination is only 24 V, which ensures complete safety. Such trees do not need an additional garland that can break and spoil the holiday. The production technology guarantees durability and ensures long-term operation and maintaining premium conditions. Each branch and the frame of the EKKA spruce are equipped with a rubber cable and have a rubberized connector, which protects its parts against moisture and temperature changes. They are also easy to mount, which is definitely a nice bonus.

Christmas trees

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