AIRA offers a fresh look at such a simple element of urban design as benches. They do not have to be carried out according to the usual standards: wooden, with a narrow oblong seat and twisted armrests. We are developing a fundamentally new look at street furniture. Benches become not only a place for temporary rest, but also a creative and organic element of both streets and parks, and the interior.

Convenience and care for the citizens, as well as a sense of security and improvement of the urban environment, is one of the priority areas of the federal program called Creating a comfortable Urban Environment in Russian cities. Today, designers and architects more and more often use innovative technologies and creative practices in order to make a comfortable city.

Interior benches

Modular benches are easy to transform: they can be assembled in the right format, labeled and used as a visual advertisement. This is a multifunctional option that facilitates the logic of organizing the urban environment and interior. Such benches can be easily turned into armchairs, sofas and even tables.

Park benches

Modern park areas require a new approach, so classic wooden benches look out of place there. Precisely for these purposes, AIRA has created new model series: such benches become a part of the playing space of the playground, or an independent art object.

Benches for shopping centers

In shopping malls, benches serve as recreation areas, but at the same time, they are part of the design concept of the entire interior space. It is important to make them not only convenient but also complementing the general style.

Creative benches

Our designers have developed a series of creative benches that will add bright colors and unexpected shapes to urban spaces, park areas, and playgrounds. Benches in the form of fruit, ice cream or as part of the Tic-tac-toe game are just some of the forms that we managed to develop. Adding new functions to familiar things is a steady trend all over the world. For example, we make benches with bicycle holders (or mini parking lots for bicycles). In addition, LEDs built into some models provide additional illumination of the city space.

Production technology

Each bench created by the AIRA company is made of a durable and reliable composite material, eco-friendly wood or architectural concrete. Quality materials withstand all weather conditions, and their service life is prolonged due to the use of our own innovative technologies.


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