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Today, city streets and public spaces are more and more often decorated with some unique objects harmoniously complementing and beautifying the environment. They include designer benches, stylishly designed stands and kiosks with sweets or coffee, fences made of new materials, and unusual litter-boxes. Hardscape elements, or small architectural forms, are very important for creating a comfortable urban environment that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal.Such projects use previously unused urban space and breathe new life into it.

Types of hardscape elements

Hardscape elements are an integral part of city improvement. They differ in purpose so they can be divided into three types:
- Utility, or multipurpose. These are unusually decorated benches and kiosks, litter-boxes, WCs, lanterns, and fences.
- Recreational and suitable for games. Sports grounds are a new trend of big cities. Modern sports complexes become a habitual part of yards and embankments, attracting both adults and children. For the latter, designers and architects offer interactive spaces for games that are pleasantly different from Soviet classics.
- Decorative. Art objects, fountains, flower compositions, bridges and artificial water ponds: all depends on the space and imagination of the designer.
All types of hardscape elements have several requirements: components have to maintain one style and take into account the natural landscape, purpose of the place and climatic conditions.

Design of hardscape elements

Hardscape elements, or small architectural forms, is one of the most competitive spheres in design and architecture. Companies compete in developing the most attractive and functional facilities, seeking to offer unique and interesting solutions. Our company uses modern materials and new technologies at all stages of the work from the concept to the implementation, constantly improving them in such a way that they meet safety and comfort requirements.

AIRA pays a great deal of attention to ecology, along with aesthetics. In our work, we often use environmentally friendly materials, combining metal and natural wood. However, the progress does not stand still. Therefore, hardscape elements made of fiberglass have recently become quite popular. This material allows us to implement bold design solutions: it is easy to work with, it is easy to color and it is able to imitate various materials and textures. At the same time, fiberglass has a long service life, does not require additional maintenance, and meets environmental standards.

Peculiarities of work

AIRA uses a creative approach to the design of public spaces and strives to develop innovations and implement them in the urban infrastructure. Our objects, for example, smart benches, are not only beautiful but also multifunctional. They can have built-in bicycle parkings, mini-libraries, lighting, and chargers for gadgets. Attention to the environment allows us to create projects that are inscribed in the urban context: thus, our bike lanes within the SMART TRACK project are complemented by a specially developed infrastructure that includes: bicycle parking, rental stations, repair shops, WCs, cafes and first-aid posts.

This way we manage to make the familiar urban environment a real work of art and create a modern image of a comfortable metropolis. Examples of our winter, summer, utility and theme art objects can be found in the catalog.

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