Stands and kiosks

What associations does the word "kiosk" cause in most people in Russia? Probably, the first thing is a simple small street module designed mainly for selling all types of goods or a newspaper stand. However, both the first and the second often become compositionally separate elements of the urban space, which may not fit into the concept of the city.

AIRA uses such an approach to the creation of a beautiful urban environment, where each element does not just play its role but becomes a part of a single creative idea. General stylistics is responsible for the harmonization of urban space. We build small modules into urban spaces, creating individual, but at the same time, conceptual kiosks, and we work with their location and navigation in space.

Design of kiosks

In the process of manufacturing our kiosks, we use only high-quality materials. All elements are optional, they are selected in accordance with the individual wishes of customers. Therefore, a simple but stylish module can be modified with various elements depending on the final functions.

Most often we use light boxes with built-in interior lights, awnings, LED lighting and multiple-layer glass. All elements are responsible not only for the design but also for the functionality of the kiosk. Lights mark the kiosk in the dark. Folding or facade awnings protect visitors from sun and weather and make the process of selecting products more comfortable. LEDs provide economical energy consumption, and a high-quality glass and innovative materials are responsible for the durability.

Theme kiosks

For over 4 years, AIRA has been working with the main residence of Grandfather Frost (Santa Clause) in Veliky Ustyug. We are developing infrastructural facilities including fair kiosks and small residences of Grandfather Frost, which are installed in Russian cities. The conceptual framework of the project is the traditional Russian style. Such festive kiosks become a place for holding city events throughout the year.

All infrastructure facilities, including kiosks, are developed from materials capable of withstanding even the harshest Russian winter. The use of fiberglass composite makes it possible to simplify the design and maintain the durability - in terms of stability, this material can be compared with steel.

Another AIRA's successful project is the Veduchi sky resort in the Chechen Republic. Our designers have developed an individual concept of the resort - from trademarks to benches and kiosks. The construction of the latter required special attention due to climatic conditions. Coffee points and ski rental kiosks - we paid attention to every detail.

Stands and kiosks

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