Lighting poles

Outdoor lighting poles are one of the key elements of lighting that determine its quality.

Modern technologies and advanced materials open great opportunities for designers and allow them to execute this element in any shape, even the most bizarre one, and make it a noticeable composite element of the lighting installation. Lighting poles are used everywhere, so the requirements for them depend on their purpose.

Lighting is an important element of children's playgrounds and play areas, and here it is necessary to fit the lamps into the environment in such a way that there is enough light for residents to safely get home in the dark. For parks and public gardens, it is necessary to pay attention to the hight of the poles, it has to be selected individually to complement the trees while not hampering their growth.

Lighting advantages of metal poles:

  • Long service life. Innovative anti-corrosion coating does not require constant repair. 
  • Increased resistance to damage and adverse weather conditions. Such poles are not easy to deform, in addition, they are resistant to sharp temperature changes, which makes them the best solution for installation in Russia.
  • Convenience and ease of transportation. Low weight and simplicity of the fastenings ensure the ease of transportation and installation of the entire structure.
  • Great decorating opportunities. The material is easy to paint and shape at the stage of production.

The requirements for the decorative lighting poles are the same as for the usual ones: mainly, the strength of the structure and durability. In addition to the utilitarian function, the lighting poles in the modern metropolis may become independent art objects. Such light installations emphasize the beauty of the park or alley and bring new life to the familiar urban landscape. AIRA has developed a range of creative outdoor lanterns: from minimalistic poles with LEDs to unusual light trees, which can be a decorative illumination of park areas, sidewalks or part of the festive decoration of streets. A full range of products is available in our catalog.


Опора «Arch»

Support "Arch"

  • СК 504
Опора «Reed»

Support "Reed"

  • СК 432
Опора «Cane»

Support "Cane"

  • СО 005
Опора «Flare»

Support "Flare"

  • СО 007
Опора «Dial»

Support "Dial"

  • СО 006
Опора «Flue»

Support "Flue"

  • СО 002
Опора «Flue-1»

Support "Flue-1"

  • СО 003
Опора «Flash»

Support "Flash"

  • СО 004
Опора «Glow»

Support "Glow"

  • СО 008
Опора «Tree»

Support "Tree"

  • СК 434-4
Опора «Lasso»

Support "Lasso"

  • СО 001

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