13 years ago, AIRA started its work with urban design, developing unique decorations for streets, public spaces, commercial buildings and interiors for the New Year, Christmas, February 23, March 8 and other significant events. All this time we have been watching tendencies change and trying to create our own trends.

Luminous constructions

For decorating interiors and streets, AIRA offers big luminous balls, where you can take spectacular photos or luminous spheres from molded acrylic. Materials are resistant to any weather conditions and sharp temperature changes.

Light tunnels and arches made of lightweight aluminum frame can be an elegant decoration of parks or shopping centers. At the request of the customer, luminous objects can be of various colors and have a steady or dynamic glow, which is provided by a special built-in controller.

Today, the major trend is smart luminous constructions and video installations which interact with people and respond to their actions. For example, when you touch them, they can change the color or dynamics of the glow. For one of the parks, AIRA created a luminous art object in the form of a girl with soap bubbles: if one blows in the ring, light bubbles will blink on the trees.

Art objects

Art objects of the New Year theme attract visitors in shopping centers and malls and create a festive atmosphere. AIRA creates elegant art objects resistant to the impact of the external environment, and at the same time harmoniously inscribed in a given space. Unique constructions become the center of the whole composition, setting the tone for the whole decoration. Thus, in 2017, AIRA, inspired by the tale called the Nutcracker and the Mouse King, decorated the New Holland Island. A four-meter figure of the Nutcracker made of fiberglass was placed at the entrance to the public space.

However, AIRA's ultimate bestsellers during the winter period are giant Christmas tree balls created with a special technique: the paint is placed inside the materials, ensuring a long life of the art object on the street and inside the premises. Traditional symbols are also quite popular: gift boxes designed in the customer's colors, figures of Grandfather Frost, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Children will definitely appreciate the functionality of our snowmen as they can dismantle and assemble them, as well as sit and draw on them.

Suspended structures

Multicolored icicles with a height of a couple of meters, shining Christmas balls with traditional or avant-garde patterns, bright bells or New Year sweets - we have a wide selection of ready-made models for the decoration of shops, entertainment, and shopping centers. They can be made in brand colors or modified according to the client's creative concept. Suspended structures are made of composite materials using the AIRA's patented technology, in which the pattern and color are added at the production stage, so the colors do not fade and remain bright.


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