City celebrations

City celebrations

Festive decorations of the city

Today the decorations for city celebrations are not limited to standard solutions. 13 years ago, the very first AIRA's projects were dedicated to comprehensive city decorations. The AIRA company deals with decorations of city streets, facades, and public spaces: from bright flags to complex lighting systems, resistant to any weather conditions. Our own production allows us to be flexible and mobile, and make the best possible offers for our clients.


Flags are the most popular means of festive decorations of the city that can quickly transform the space. The AIRA company develops and implements projects for flag designs, depending on the architectural and landscape features of the space and taking into account the stylistics and scale of the event. We also offer variants o flag compositions for open spaces and decoration of facades, streets, and bridges. All our flags and banner sheets are characterized by high image clarity, resistance to fading, humidity and temperature differences.

Luminous constructions

The AIRA company offers both ready-made solutions and individual design projects for street space decorations that create a certain mood with the help of colors and structures. The brightest elements of festive illumination - light banners - can instantly transform any street. They are harmoniously complemented by сolumn decorations, which can be mounted on almost any vertical surface: lampposts, bridges, and facades; and light installations in the form of animals, New Year's toys and ornaments. Decorations of trees with fairy lights and garlands will help to create a fairy-tale landscape reminiscent of old postcards.

Our light structures are highly durable. The housing of each LED is made of high-quality material, which does not allow cracking and freezing. LEDs can be white or multicolored, or they can have a specified flashing rhythm in case a controller is installed.

Art objects

An unusual way of decorating a city or premises is an art object that can reflect the city's symbols or the values of the customer company, serve as a unique sign, or combine both functional and decorative purposes.

Decoration of facades

An effective way of decorating the facades during the winter is decorative lighting and curtain lights. Curtain lights are designed for large areas and characterized by high brightness and the variety of rich colors: from classic white to unique color variations. If desired, they can have a constant or dynamic glow provided by a built-in controller. Curtain lights can be interconnected and thus they create a three-dimensional composition.

Light structures in the form of Christmas and New Year symbols, inscriptions and hashtags look good on facades of buildings during both day and night, favorably highlighting the object and emphasizing its features. Our specialists are ready to make a luminous design for the facade of any complexity, having developed an original concept that takes into account all the wishes of the customer. AIRA's portfolio includes decorations of large shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg: TsUM, Okhta Moll, and Galeria. When in 2017 TsUM was decorated with our luminous design, it was titled the Best Commercial Facade Design for the New Year.

Interior designs

AIRA creates classical variants of setting and unique compositions in the general style of the holiday for such state institutions as the Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Administration. They include art objects, lighting solutions and other interior decorations.

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