The unique feature of the AIRA company is its own developed production and large investments in innovations which we actively use for our projects. We have created our own industrial technopark with an area of 9,000 square meters in the Leningrad region, which opens its doors for the first residents, design and architectural bureaus in 2018. We have already launched the production of fiberglass, aluminum and steel structures, and a wood processing workshop.

Technopark works with large corporate clients, state customers, and projects under the federal program called Creating a Comfortable Urban Environment. Residents create art objects, hardscape elements(children's play areas, benches, fences, etc.), and lighting elements from the very concept to the final stage of installation on the site. One-third of the territory will be occupied by the exhibition space, where customers can get acquainted with the products of small companies.

One of the AIRA's cutting-edge innovations, SELIN material, will soon receive its own production site. An industrial complex for the production of SELIN opens in August 2018 in the Chechen Republic, with its own training center for young specialists and engineers. This material, an optical shockproof polymer for light systems with intelligent control, is widely used in our SMART projects: bike lanes, "under-foot traffic lights", children's video play areas, luminous seesaws, and a light navigation system on sidewalks and streets. The company plans to arrange export of products to other countries.


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