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AIRA in the new era
Several years ago we began to develop new directions and invest in innovative projects - so I thought about re-branding the company. We reoriented to high-tech production: now, we invent and implement materials that work with their own interactive systems.

What do you think about smart components in the infrastructure of large cities?
People say "the birth of the city is the birth of the civilization", so if we want to see our civilization developed, we must take an effort to develop our cities. What can accelerate this process better than several smart solutions combined in one effective mechanism? In Russia, the development of smart technologies is spontaneous, there is no sustainable market and clear rules for its functioning. I believe that effective institutions for the development of smart cities, responsible for the rapid processing of data, the development of strategies, and training of specialists are the vital components that need to be formed right now.

What contribution did your company make to the development of smart cities?
Back in 2015 the AIRA company created and implemented smart technologies for the urban environment. Our main direction is infrastructural projects: children's play areas with artificial intelligence, infrastructure for cyclists called SMART TRACK, smart small architectural forms for parks, illumination systems for parking lots, video navigation in sidewalks, smart highlighting of street curbs, contour spotlights for trees and under-foot traffic lights.

Very soon we will open our Technopark, AIRA's own architectural and industrial cluster.

If you think that the world will change soon, you are late - the world has already changed. The speed and accuracy with which people, places, and technologies will adapt to these changes is the key to success in the future. Big cities will be the first to face these challenges.

Yuri Berestov,
of the
AIRA Company


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