Based on the research in the field of urban planning and urban environment, AIRA managed to create an absolutely innovative material - an optical, shockproof polymer called SELIN®, which is actively used to produce light systems with intelligent control. SELIN light blocks allow us to develop new creative solutions for modern cities and make usual objects more comfortable and multifunctional. The material is used for marker illumination of sidewalks, curbs, for educational children's video playgrounds, under-foot traffic lights, in flashlights for the illumination of trees, and in controllable lighting of the SMART TRACK bicycle paths.

This unique material has outstanding performance characteristics: there is no empty space inside curb blocks, which means that there is no condensate that can distort the element. They are also resistant to adverse weather conditions and a sharp temperature changes from -50 to 50, and it can hold up to 4 tons per square meter. This allows you to safely mount them in road and pavement coverings. SELIN is based on controllable textolite material, that can have any color, or be transparent, matte, or milky. Due to its optical properties, the material increases the luminous power, which makes it possible to achieve a bright glow at any time of the year. In addition, the SELIN surface resists gliding in winter or in case of rain.

The use of light in urban infrastructure today is not limited to lanterns and flashlights. AIRA pays a lot of attention the safety and convenience of the urban environment: light controllable blocks and curbs help both drivers and pedestrians to navigate on the streets. Thus, monolithic modules can be free-standing elements or built into ordinary stone curbs or paving tiles. Such multifunctional blocks are used in landscape design as an integral part of sidewalks, footpaths, benches, signs, and in the decorative illumination of trees in parks and green zones. One of the features of light curbs is their controllability and the ability to work at a given algorithm. For example, on the boulevards, such curbs will help drivers to understand where to go, and the given speed of the light will clearly show them how fast they should move without violating the traffic rules and without hindering the movement of other drivers. In SMART TRACK bike lanes, lighting systems made of SELIN form a navigation system: mark the track and pedestrian crossings and indicate the direction of movement.

Light blocks also become an element of a pedestrian crossing, both regulated and unregulated, simplifying the passage of pedestrians and showing them the boundaries of the safe zone. This solution was also implemented in another advanced project of the company - under-foot traffic lights. According to statistics, the number of traffic accidents on road segments equipped with under-foot traffic lights, has decreased to zero.

Today, considering the success of projects with SELIN, AIRA is is expanding its own production. At the end of 2017, the meeting was held between the Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic, the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Chechen Republic, Muslim Baitaziyev, and the CEO of the AIRA company Yuri Berestov, at which a decision was made to build an innovative industrial complex in Chechnya with a special training center for young specialists and engineers. "In May 2017, we opened an innovative bike lane called Smart Track in Grozny. In addition to the track itself, Grozny also received the first Under-foot traffic light. As for Saint Petersburg, we developed a lighting system with controllable light blocks. The company is launching the production out of its own money - this is an investment in a promising region", comments Yuri Berestov.

All products will be produced under the brand "Made in the Chechen Republic". The company is planning to manufacture innovative lighting system based on polymers. "I am sure that if a favorable climate for the development of innovative enterprises is created in the region, this will ensure new investments into the Republic!", said Muslim Baitaziyev.

The company plans to arrange export of products to other countries. This will give the region another vector of economic development in the sphere of technologies, which is much needed according to our leaders. The plant will be opened in July 2018.


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