Controllable light curbs

The system of controllable light curbs is an innovative development of AIRA’s specialists, which allows creating a safe and comfortable urban environment.

The use of light in urban infrastructure today is not limited to lanterns and flashlights. One of the AIRA's innovative developments for the smart and safe urban environment is controllable light curbs.

The system of controllable light curbs is made of innovative SELIN® material and has high-performance characteristics: there is no empty space inside the blocks, so the condensate capable of deforming the part is not formed. Polymer blocks are shock-resistant, resistant to adverse weather conditions and have a wide range of colors.

Due to its optical properties, the material increases the luminous power, which makes it possible to achieve a bright glow at any time of the year. For pedestrians there is another bonus - the surface of SELIN resists gliding in winter and in the rain. Monolithic modules can be integrated into ordinary stone borders as separate elements or form a single light chain.

Controllable curbs and their features

One of the features of light curbs is their controllability and the ability to work at a given algorithm. For example, on the boulevards, such curbs will help drivers to understand where to go, and the given speed of the light will clearly show them how fast they should move without violating the traffic rules and without hindering the movement of other drivers. Light blocks also become an element of a pedestrian crossing, both regulated and unregulated, simplifying the passage of pedestrians and showing them the boundaries of the safe zone.

For each construction project today, such controlled curbs in parking lots are an absolute need. They help drivers to park, highlighting the selected area, and with the help of semi-spheres made from SELIN, it is convenient to designate parking lots and a ban on entry and exit of the car. Such a sign will be clearly visible in the dark and in bad weather. In addition, the problem of fractures on curbs and semi-spheres is also solved: SELIN is an extremely shockproof material.

Light curbs, in addition to the utilitarian function, serve as a beautiful decorative element. They create a special atmosphere at any time of the year. In the city of Grozny, AIRA implemented a project of illumination of the Sankt-Peterburgskaya street, which goes to the complex of Grozny-City. For this purpose, light curbs were also used to create a single light ensemble with the towers of the complex to reach the effect of reflection on the ground along the perimeter of the street.


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Controllable light curbs

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