Paving video slabs

Super strong polymer for pavement slabs can be usedas an alternative to asphalt or concrete.

Innovative material SELIN® open broad prospects for the creation of a comfortable and safe environment for a SMART city. The main advantage of the new street surface is the ability to produce polymer light-diffusing screens to create smart projects: smart children’s playgrounds, SMART TRACK bike lanes, bollards, smart marker lighting, as well as to introduce polymer slabs into the elements of the urban environment — traffic lights, benches and art projects.

The technology of street polymer slabs production is patented under the SELIN® trademark, it is a 100% Russian development by the AIRA Company and it has no analogues in the world.

SELIN&LED controllable light blocks are are used in landscape design, as their programs have a wide range of colors. Navigation illumination is visible in all weather conditions.

The products have passed all tests and received certificates of international standard.

•  Holds up to 4 tons per square meter

•  The canvas is vandal-proof, it does not form internal failures or holes when in use

•  Resistant to temperature fluctuations from -50 to 50°C

•  Waterproof and resistant to alkalies and acids, sunlight

Marker illumination of sidewalks

Thus, AIRA has created a system of marker lighting, which can be used for city navigation, decorative illumination of pedestrian areas, children playground. Not only does it harmoniously complement the surrounding space, but also regulates the street traffic. It indicated the direction of traffic, marks pedestrian islands and tram stops. This element of traffic modernization will significantly reduce the number of emergency situations on the road and make it safe to travel around in the dark, even in an unfamiliar city.

Such illumination can be static and dynamic depending on the purposes of a specific object. Unlike traditional paint, SELIN blocks are visible under a layer of dirt and snow, which is especially important for Russia with its unpredictable climate. Various sizes of blocks allow you to choose the option that is most suitable for embedding in paving slabs or other surfaces.

Another area of application of light blocks is benches, decorative walls, and stands. Such objects create a new level of urban space, where each subject is not only aesthetic but also useful. AIRA's SMART benches are unique constructions equipped with decorative and interactive lighting and heating. Heating provides comfort even at low temperatures, and lighting provides additional illumination of streets.


Тротуарная видеоплита

Paving video slab

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Инсталляция «Шахматная доска»

Installation “Chess Board”

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