Controllable light blocks

Controllable light blocks

Controllable light blocks open broad prospects for the creation of a comfortable and safe environment for a SMART city. Such multifunctional blocks are used in landscape design as an integral part of sidewalks, footpaths, benches, signs, and in the decorative illumination of trees in parks and green zones.

SELIN - an innovative material

Controllable light blocks are made of a shockproof polymer called SELIN, originally developed by AIRA. This unique material has outstanding performance characteristics: there is no empty space inside curb blocks, which means that there is no condensate that can distort the element. It is resistant to any weather conditions and temperature changes from -50 to 50. An increased strength and the ability to hold up to 4 tons per square meter allows you to mount SELIN blocks in road and pavement.

A wide range of colors and shades opens tons of possibilities for designers. Due to its optical properties, the material increases the luminous power, which makes it possible to achieve a bright glow at any time of the year. The surface of SELIN is made of optically transparent high-strength synthetic rubber. It is resistant to gliding, aggressive detergents and is designed for tens of years of service. The guaranteed service life is not less than 50 000 hours, the warranty period of luminescence is 3 years.

Marker illumination of sidewalks and bike lanes

Luminous cobblestones are a new tool for the city of the future, which is being created right now. The old navigation system, developed back in the last century, is hopelessly outdated, and new solutions are required that will be understood by all categories of residents and visitors of the city. Thus, AIRA has created a system of marker lighting, which can be used for sidewalks, bicycle paths, steps, or even dance floors. Not only does it harmoniously complement the surrounding space, but also regulates the street traffic. It indicated the direction of traffic, marks pedestrian islands and tram stops, and visually highlights bicycle paths. This element of traffic modernization will significantly reduce the number of emergency situations on the road and make it safe to travel around in the dark, even in an unfamiliar city.

Such illumination can be static and dynamic depending on the purposes of a specific object. Unlike traditional paint, SELIN blocks are visible under a layer of dirt and snow, which is especially important for Russia with its unpredictable climate. Various sizes of blocks allow you to choose the option that is most suitable for embedding in paving slabs or other surfaces.

Light panels

Another area of application of light blocks is benches, decorative walls, and stands. Such objects create a new level of urban space, where each subject is not only aesthetic but also useful. AIRA's SMART benches are unique constructions equipped with decorative and interactive lighting and heating. Heating provides comfort even at low temperatures, and lighting provides additional illumination of streets.

Controllable light blocks

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