Luminous seesaws

Luminous seesaws with interactive luminous sections made of SELIN.

Children's play areas are the most popular type of urban improvement in Russia, but up until now successful examples of this important object of any city are extremely rare. Modern children love dynamic objects, but it is extremely important that they are completely safe during the game.

Seesaws are a simple construction with a reliable anti-vandal fastening. The movable part consists of 33 light sections connected to a special instrument that measures the dynamics of the swing, turning the lighting on and off: special tilt sensors regulate the movement of light along the length of the seesaw.

This adds an extra charm to the game: pleasant lighting switches at different speeds, which changes depending on the action of those who are currently on a seesaw. When pushing, colored bricks start to shine from the center to the ends of the seesaw, and the one who pushes less gets fewer points.

Safety and innovations

AIRA managed to find a balance between aesthetics and durability. The search for the ideal material led to the creation of our own product - the optical shock-resistant polymer called SELIN®, which we use for light systems with intelligent control. LED blocks in the seesaws are made of this material and have high performance characteristics. Tests have shown that SELIN LED holds up to 4 tons per square meter and it is resistant to temperature changes from -50 to 50 degrees. In addition, the housings of video blocks are waterproof and resistant to acids, alkalis, and sunlight.

An important feature of our luminous seesaws is that they can be seen at any time of the year as SELIN increases the brightness of the glow, which makes it visible even under the snow. And the surface of the blocks remains soft and resistant to gliding, which eliminates traumatic incidences.

Luminous seesaws are rather small. They can be installed not only on the street, but on the premises of shopping and entertainment centers.

A pilot project with luminous seesaws in the city of Almetyevsk in Tatarstan was appreciated by the well-known blogger Ilya Varlamov, who examines urban improvement of Russian cities. He said that he had never seen seesaws with game mechanics, and this surprised him a lot. In 2017, Almetyevsk, where AIRA implemented comprehensive projects for the transformation of streets and public spaces, took first place as the most comfortable city in Russia and was awarded the title of the Startup Capital of Russia 2017 by Valentina Matvienko. This was achieved with the help of AIRA and the active implementation of its innovations in the urban environment.


Световые качели-балансиры

Luminous seesaws

  • ИП 002
Качели «Крокодил»

Swing "Crocodile"

  • ИП 022

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