Illumination of trees

At night, the green areas of the city are transformed: the lighting turns on allowing you to enjoy the beauty of trees and bushes in parks and public gardens in a new way. When choosing certain lighting devices, it is necessary to consider the following factors: the texture of the trunk of the plant, the density and shape of the foliage, the features of the leaves, the flowering time and the rate of growth.

Stationary tree lighting

Stationary illumination is relevant both in winter and in summer, as it creates a single composition with a plant. You can use almost any type of flashlights for these purposes: from classical to energy-efficient flashlights with lamps made of SELIN material of different colors, corresponding to the design concept.

Decorative lighting

It is actively used in winter. The city looks especially beautiful during the New Year holidays, and trees play an important role in street decoration. However, the most common way of decoration here is the outdated light garlands. Light garlands, no doubt, look festive, but they cause damage to plants, entangling and breaking branches during the installation and dismantling. If the garlands are left on a tree for a long time, they can start to rot because of weather conditions and then the metal oxidizes and leaves traces on the bark. In addition, garlands are not safe, and they can give an electric shock to someone who accidentally touches the cord on the trunk. Such a decoration requires up to ten meters of cord, which is not cheap considering the scale of the holiday preparation.

In the winter of 2017, AIRA implemented the first project on the alternative light decoration of trees, which is safe, profitable and spectacular at the same time. These are luminous suspended structures in the form of New year and Christmas symbols that are attached to thick branches without causing damage to the tree. Suspensions are made of light PET material - a modern polymer, which is clear, strong, durable and resistant, both in a heated state and in cold one. 3-4 suspended structures are enough to decorate an average tree, and they are bright enough to illuminate the surrounding space.

In addition to decorative lighting, we offer a special safe and ecological fasteners from biomaterial. Our designers will help you to create a unique ensemble reminiscent of fabulous landscapes from old postcards. In this case, nothing will distract people from the main and central element of the ensemble (for example, a large Christmas tree) or be out of place. Each project is implemented individually taking into account all the characteristics of the place and climate.

Illumination of trees

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