Light installations

Light is one of the most important elements of urban infrastructure, responsible for security and order in the streets, and at the same time, it is an element of decoration that can create a pleasant atmosphere on weekdays and holidays. Our company has created a range of interesting lighting solutions for decorating public spaces and city streets.

Light installations

Light installations are compositions in which both light and space are used in a special way, which makes a construction look light and airy. It is difficult to imagine the appearance of a modern city without luminous installations: when the city is covered with snow, light sculptures bring diversity into the familiar landscape and serve as a source of additional lighting. AIRA creates interesting sculptures inspired by popular fairy tales and holidays, such as magic carriages, huge Christmas balls, and figures of animals and birds. Objects can be interactive, for example, for one of the parks, AIRA created a luminous art object in the form of a girl with soap bubbles. If one blows into the ring, "bubbles" start to spin and shine with various colors in given dynamics on the branches of trees.

LED constructions

Luminous structures attract the attention of citizens and serve as an additional source of the lighting for facades and streets and a bright accent in the design of interiors and shop windows. They can be in a form of individual patterns and motifs or small decorative figures. In order to create coziness on the streets during the winter holidays, our company produces and installs special LED arches that are located in parks, alleys, and squares. They are used for the decoration of streets or serve as photo zones in shopping centers. Moving objects, for example, a Ferris wheel, can be also successfully illuminated with the help of LED structures. Another stylish element of festive city decorations in winter is letter structures.

Beauty and durability

Despite the seeming fragility, elegant art objects are quite durable. In addition, there is no problem with their transportation and installation. The frame is made of aluminum, and the luminous parts - light-emitting diodes - are enclosed in a special housing made of a high-quality material, which does not allow cracking and freezing. LEDs can be white or multicolored, or they can have a specified flashing rhythm in case a controller is installed. The constructions will remain bright and clean even under the most unfavorable weather conditions. All LED constructions are made of fireproof ecological materials, which meet even the strictest sanitary standards.

In addition to a wide range of ready-made art objects, our designers can develop an individual project taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Light installations

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