Flashlights with LEDs and traditional light sources are used to illuminate parks and green areas, residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities and roads. Flashlight illumination mostly has a utilitarian function: it creates a safe space with good visibility even in the dark. However, modern illumination tools help designers to embody their creative ideas and look at ordinary objects from a new angle. Illumination of parks is a new direction for the implementation of bold ideas, and flashlights play an important role here.

Illumination in parks

Given the modern life of the city and its citizens, parks and public gardens should be equally safe and comfortable at any time of day. An interesting variety of lights can easily transform a green area. When creating a system of park lighting it is necessary to take into account the size of the territory and located objects such as benches, playgrounds, and recreation areas, as well as the intensity of planting, the level of attendance, and many other equally important factors.

Classic flashlights

With the help of classic streetlights, it is easy to create both a bright lighting and an interesting illumination of trees and shrubs. Placing flashlights at various angles towards the plants allows you to achieve the desired effects. Moreover, in addition to the traditional white light, color illumination is also actively used. And in order to extend the service life of the flashlights, AIRA offers a set of anti-vandal grids and fixtures.

Flashlights from SELIN

Flashlights made of the innovative polymeric material, SELIN, the AIRA's internally developed material, have a number of advantages over traditional constructions. Such flashlights are energy-efficient so they can be very bright even with a small power capacity. In addition, AIRA uses special lenses that enhance light, so the brightness of a flashlight with a power of only 10 W with a lens is comparable to a conventional flashlight at 30 W. This approach also helps to seriously optimize energy costs.

Creative solutions for lighting

Modern technologies offer great opportunities for producers. One of the latest AIRA's innovations is round flashlights made of SELIN which are installed near tree trunks. Thus, the tree is illuminated from all sides. In addition, such flashlights can be of any color or even dynamic. You just need to connect such flashlights to the general control system, and then they are able to dynamically change the lighting according to the designer's creative intention - for example, in time with the musical accompaniment making the tree look like it is dancing. The next step is interactive flashlights that respond if you touch a plant or move objects near it. For example, the person passes by and the color changes or you touch a tree and magical sounds start coming from it, so the entire park turns into a fairy forest from childhood fantasies.


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