Facade lighting

New Year illumination of facades

If you want to emphasize the uniqueness, silhouette, and shape of the building, or even give it a festive look, you can use the architectural illumination of the facades. The aim of a designer is to make the building as spectacular at night as it is during the day. Unusual lighting is especially in demand during winter when the usual colors of the city are changing, and on holidays, when people want something special. AIRA has an extensive experience in this direction and a solid portfolio of implemented projects. For example, we prepared major shopping centers in Moscow and Sant Petersburg for the New Year celebration: TsUM, VEGAS in Crocus City, Okhta Moll, and Avenue South West.

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting means the lighting system of buildings and structures, which is created for a long period of time. Creating this kind of lighting is a painstaking and delicate work, that requires a professional and accurate approach. One of the best projects demonstrating AIRA's skills was the creation of a large-scale light composition in the village of Khoy in Cheberloevsky district in the Republic of Chechnya. Over 90 ancient towers of mountainous Chechnya were given a new look with hundreds of flashlights. Today, this is a popular tourist attraction at any time of the year.

Decorative lighting

For retailers, lighting is an important element in attracting visitors to their stores and shopping centers. Decorative lighting is especially popular in winter holidays. Light structures in the form of Christmas and New Year symbols, inscriptions and hashtags look good on facades of buildings during both day and night, favorably highlighting the object and emphasizing its features. Our specialists are ready to make a luminous design for the facade of any complexity, having developed an original concept that takes into account all the wishes of the customer. AIRA's portfolio includes decorations of large shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg: TsUM, Okhta Moll, and Galeria. When in 2017 TsUM was decorated with our illumination design, it was titled the Best Commercial Facade Design for the New Year.

Curtain lights

Curtain lights are a quick and effective way of decorating buildings. Curtain lights are designed for large areas and characterized by high brightness and the variety of rich colors: from classic white to unique color variations. If desired, they can have a constant or dynamic glow provided by a built-in controller. Curtain lights can be interconnected and thus they create a three-dimensional composition. Low energy consumption and safe fireproof materials, along with other factors make this type of decor attractive for decorating business centers, public spaces and shopping malls.

Peculiarities of work

A competent engineering solution plays an important role in creating complex lighting systems. For 13 years of its work AIRA has developed a technology for fastening structures on complex surfaces like facades of glass and facades of historical buildings. We decorate facades with special fasteners, which practically do not affect the building, and we also use lightweight aluminum frames that provide reliable and safe operation of the lighting system. For the convenience of our customers, AIRA also offers an additional service - installation of all our products, which saves time and gives the opportunity to pay more attention to aesthetic issues.

Facade lighting

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