Entrance space

Entrance spaces are a creative element of architectural and designer decoration of parks and squares, shops, government offices, commercial buildings, and large shopping centers. This is the first thing that any person sees and on the basis of what he sees he composes his idea about this place, assessing its attractiveness. The main qualities of entrance spaces are ergonomics and functionality.

An entrance space is made of a whole complex of design and construction solutions. Decorations of the entrance to the park play a key role in attracting visitors, create a certain atmosphere and mood, and give the general idea of what awaits a person inside. Decorations for entrance spaces of buildings also carry an emotional load, and every detail is important here. Doors, halls, and stairs are just a few of the elements that our company works with, creating a harmonious composition for every customer. AIRA also suggests using interesting light solutions, art objects, and installations. All elements are selected individually, according to your brand or style.

Park entrance spaces

Decorations of park entrance spaces are not only a design whim but also a necessity. Entrance spaces in parks perform the function of the boundary between the recreation zone/park zone from the rest of the urban space. Here, even bicycle parking lots and bicycle rentals can become part of a large installation and serve as an additional attracting factor for visitors.

Entrance spaces in shops

Decorations of entrance spaces become a kind of invitation for the buyer to go to your store. Here you can also use visual advertising, but it is important to avoid too much information.

Targeted work with our designers and architects will allow you to place the necessary accents and decorate the entrance in the right colors and style. Attention to detail and pleasant exterior design positively affects sales.p>

Entrance spaces in shopping centers

Large shopping centers are the leaders in the creative design of entrance spaces. Unusual installations and art objects attract the attention of potential visitors, and, for their comfort, they can include small rest areas with interesting benches in brand colors, luminous seesaws and entertainment spaces for children. AIRA offers unique designer light solutions, installations and banners, developed according to individual projects and taking into account the needs of the customer. All the details can be confined to seasonal sales, holidays and other promotions.

Design of an entrance space

It is important to pay attention to the seasonality of the entrance space. New design elements will serve as an additional tool to attract the attention of visitors. In decorating entrance spaces, AIRA suggests using creative approaches. These are light solutions, letter designs, luminous figures, and hardscape elements. Working with light, we use the SELIN technology, an innovation created by our specialists. This optical shockproof polymer is used for the production of light systems with intelligent control, and it has high operational and aesthetic characteristics.

Entrance space

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