13 years ago AIRA started working on city decorations, developing unique designs for streets and public spaces on May 9, New Year, and City Days. All this time we have been watching tendencies change and trying to create our own trends.

Inflatable constructions

Bright, multicolored, lightweight inflatable art objects look equally good both inside the premises and in city parks and green areas. They are easy-to-install, they look great, and this is a good way to attract attention to the place of celebration. Among other advantages, we should also note the price, which is quite important for the city budget, - a customer receives a big interesting art object at a relatively low price.

Inflatable constructions can easily fit any format: they can be made in the form of arches, figures of animals and birds, flowers, characters from cartoons and fairy tales, or just decorate the stage for performances. The materials we use are resistant to temperature changes and any weather conditions, easy to clean and do not fade, which makes their service life quite long.

Such inflatable constructions are multifunctional and, if desired, they can be turned into sports and entertainment facilities for children and adults.

Flag compositions

Flag compositions are a cheap but stylish way of festive decorations. They can make a single complete art object on city squares and open spaces, or they can be a replicable element of decor, being installed on flagpoles and lampposts. Large flag garlands also look great, transforming the skyspace of streets and bridges.

For municipal and state institutions, AIRA offers interesting flags compositions that will help to emphasize serenity and dignity of the holiday. Every year our company creates unique and solemn flag compositions for the Victory Day for the Ministry of Defense and the Presidential Property Management Department. AIRA's own production allows us to carry out large-scale projects for festive decoration in a short time. Our flags and banners with full-color images are characterized by bright colors that do not fade even in the most unfavorable weather conditions and high resistance to humidity and temperature differences.

Luminous constructions

Today, the major trend is smart luminous constructions and video installations which interact with people and respond to their actions. For example, when you touch them, they can change the color or dynamics of the glow. For one of the parks, AIRA created a luminous art object in the form of a girl with soap bubbles: if one blows in the ring, light bubbles will blink on the trees.


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