Column and wall mounted decorations

Column and wall mounted decorations

Street designs are used to decorate the city for any holiday both in winter and summer. Column and wall mounted designs are among the most favorite decorative elements of the city administration as this is an understandable and effective way to decorate and transform the streets. Despite the fact that this type of decorations is highly durable, it is better to change them every year so that citizens would not get bored with them, and to keep the novelty effect as long as possible.

Summer Decorations

The most popular types of street decorations for the warm season are flags and banners that are mounted on vertical surfaces, usually, on lamp poles and facades of buildings. The form and structure of these decorations depend on holidays. For City Day festivals it is most appropriate to use the official colors of the country, emblems, and symbols of the city. Victory Day decorations usually include traditional symbols: the St. George ribbon, the Red Star and lots of red colors.

AIRA's own production allows us to carry out large-scale projects for festive decoration in a short time. Our flags and banners with full-color images are characterized by bright colors that do not fade even in the most unfavorable weather conditions and high resistance to humidity and temperature differences.

Winter decorations

Bright winter pole or wall-mounted designs serve as a subtle decoration of highways, city streets, parks and squares. Small luminous structures with New Year motifs and patterns, or made in the form of figures of animals and birds look good anywhere in the city and complement the overall festive decorations. They are not necessarily limited to lampposts: for example, the decoration of the park fence with large luminous circles and stars may look quite unusual.

Such decorations are suitable for any type of brackets; they can be attached to poles, bridges, facades of buildings, as well as installed in the windows of shopping centers and other commercial facilities.

Luminous decorations are made of metal frames rigidly fixed to the support. Then, the actual decorations, such as rope lights, SMD-tapes, LEDs, tubes with falling rain lights effect and foil tinsel, are attached to these frames. Lights can be classic white or multicolored. If desired, we can add a dynamic glow at a given rhythm. Modern materials allow creating designs of any shape and size to fulfill even the boldest ideas of street illumination and city decoration.

Production and manufacture

AIRA creates not only refined and beautiful but also safe and easy-to-install decorative structures. We provide our decorations with fasteners for any type of supports, including multifunctional ones. The client can choose ready-made products from our winter catalog or use the services of our designers who will develop an individual project, which will subsequently be manufactured on AIRA's own production facilities, and then assembled by our specialists.

Column and wall mounted decorations

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