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At all times, in different nations, celebrations were special events in the life of an individual, a family, a whole society or a state. Official holidays play an important role in uniting people across the country, recalling the landmark events in the history of the nation.

Interiors for May 9 celebrations

People in Russia pay special respects to the Victory Day. All cities thoroughly prepare for this touching and landmark event: city facades and streets are transformed by various festive decorations. In addition, interiors of state and municipal institutions are decorated as well. Every year the AIRA company develops solutions for decorating the interiors of the Ministry of Defense and the the Presidential Property Management Department. The task is to create a strict and elegant composition using the entire space: steps and handrails, walls, stages, and empty spaces.

We offer various solutions: for example, decoration of the interior of large premises with the help of layouts of the flag or brown-and-black St. George’s ribbon along the entire perimeter and placing the spectacular Red Star in the center of this composition. In order to create a festive and solemn mood we also use flags and pennants with victory symbols, as well as wall panels and LED curtains. Traditional elements of floor structures such as cups, torches, volumetric letters or steles are complemented by garlands and balls hanging from the ceiling made in the style of the famous St. George ribbon and red shades.

Banners, streamers, and other ornaments with symbols of the Victory Day are made of resistant high-quality materials, which makes it easy to install, store and reuse them.

New Year interiors

Government institutions usually prefer laconic New Year decorations and the main symbol of this holiday, an absolute must-have - a Christmas tree. AIRA produces high-quality artificial Christmas trees, which are practically indistinguishable from natural ones. EKKA needles, a material we use to make our Christmas trees, is identical to the natural spruce needles. At the first sight, EKKA looks, feels and smells like forest needles. Basic models have built-in LEDs with a warm glow and soft shimmering. The production technology guarantees durability and ensures long-term operation and maintaining premium conditions. Each branch and the frame of the EKKA spruce are equipped with a rubber cable and have a rubberized connector, which protects its parts against moisture and temperature changes. They are also easy to mount, which is a nice bonus.

Despite the fact that the tree looks like it does not need other decorations, if desired, you can add some designer ornaments.

Interior decorations for the Defender of the Fatherland Day and the International Women's Day.

"Women's" and "man's" holidays are often reflected in commercial interiors: decorations of shopping centers and entertainment complexes. In order to celebrate the 8th of March and the 23rd of February, they are decorated with unique suspended structures in the form of tender spring flowers or army attributes. Theme photo zones, made in the general style of the holidays are especially popular.

Interior designs

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