Over 13 years of its work AIRA has released 32 full-color catalogs, and our company is very proud of them. Every catalog is created by a team of professional designers, illustrators, photographers, and 3D-visualizers who spend about 6 months working on it.

The 2018 Summer catalog is special for us. It presents the new, updated style of AIRA. The emphasis there is laid upon the latest developments and safe, technological and comfortable solutions for large cities, which are gradually becoming a daily reality. This Summer catalog reflects the latest trends in urban planning: smart solutions, creative small architectural forms, and comprehensive image projects.

In the New Year Catalog, we talk about preparations for the New Year celebration: luminous street installations, public spaces, parks, interior decorations, festive art objects and Christmas trees.

The May catalog is traditionally devoted to the decorations for city celebrations, the oldest direction of the company's work.

AIRA has long been a trendsetter in urban design and urban environments in big cities. Our catalogs are often used as study guides: young designers and architects are inspired by AIRA's designs, thoughtfulness, and elegance of technical solutions. Therefore, we decided to create a full-color professional magazine on the basis of our catalogs, where we will publish interviews with opinion leaders, surveys of the latest trends in urban studies, analytical materials and research so that together we could answer the important question: what is the city of the future, and how to make it as comfortable as possible.


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