Festive decorations for the 75th anniversary of the Victory

Winter catalogue 2018 "The theory of the big feast"

In the upcoming 15th anniversary season we have prepared for you unique solutions of new year and Christmas of public space decorations, as well as developed ideas and concepts of the iconic logo of the coming year "20/20". 

We will help to create a festive atmosphere in your company and draw customers' attention to your product or field of activity. We will decorate the atrium and facade of your office, the street or the entire surrounding area for the holidays in a quick and qualitative way.
Exclusive design, a team of designers with international reputation, and our own production allow us to maintain our leadership in decorating of public spaces and carry out a full range of services: from the concept to its implementation, production and on-site installation.

In the catalog you will find a full range of lighting solutions for street and interior design: column and wall mounted decorations, cross street decorations, arches and tunnels. Dozens of exclusive or classic Christmas tree options, as well as ideas for theme installations and photo zones.
For the upcoming season, we have produced several thousand holiday decorations that are already available to order. Special prices apply for early order of products. 

We hope that in this new catalog you will find everything that will make your space inspire and invite customers and employees, residents or guests to join the festive atmosphere of Christmas and the New year.

2019 Summer catalog "1000 ideas for urban environment"

In the new 2019 Summer catalog "1000 ideas for urban environment" AIRA's designers focused on the interactive and universal elements of urban improvement.
Inside you will find many variations of smart hardscape elements for the urban environment, designed in the framework of the "Comfortable urban environment" and "Smart city" federal programs: Smart Track cycle project, smart bollards, interactive video playgrounds, modular furniture, exclusive flower beds, pergolas and art projects.
You can also take a look at the Grozny Technopark Opening ceremony, and our colossal bright projects to be installed this summer.

2019 Winter catalog

AIRA's 2019 Winter catalog introduces festive drive into creative decorations of windows and interiors in shopping or business centers and exclusive urban space installations and decorations.
In the catalog you will find an interview with Ilya Varlamov, Russia's urban studies journalist #1, where he speaks about New year decorations of cities.
In the winter catalog you will also learn how to fit innovations and state-of-the-art lighting in the classical urban architecture, and how to increase attendance several times by installing just one theme photo zone.

2018 Summer catalogue

The 2018 Summer catalog was special for us. It presented the new, updated style of AIRA. The emphasis there is laid upon the latest developments and safe, technological and comfortable solutions for large cities, which are gradually becoming a daily reality. The Summer catalog reflects the latest trends in urban planning: smart solutions, creative small architectural forms, and comprehensive image projects.
AIRA has long been a trendsetter in urban design and urban environments in big cities. Our catalogs are often used as study guides: young designers and architects are inspired by AIRA's designs, thoughtfulness, and elegance of technical solutions.
Therefore, we decided to create a full-color professional magazine on the basis of our catalogs, where we will publish interviews with opinion leaders, surveys of the latest trends in urban studies, analytical materials and research so that together we could answer the important question: what is the city of the future, and how to make it as comfortable as possible.

Winter catalogue 2018

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