Decoration of facades

outdoor decoration

The decoration of facades can be seen not only during the period of New Year’s holidays, but in the period of the official and solemn celebrations of the city.

This trend in the development of the festive decoration leads to a significant expansion of the range of decorations, to the development and application of new technologies, which are used in LED structures. Various designs are used for the facades of buildings, for decoration of store windows, as the decorative illumination of buildings and facilities. The use of LED elements such as grid, garlands of different colors and different effects in the work allows creating light design of the facades of the building, which transforms it beyond recognition.

The “Aira” company can implement any of the designed projects on the lighting of the facades of buildings. With the help of our specialists you can create elegant decoration of your shop building or office on individual design project. We often use decorative illumination of facades of buildings and constructions in our projects.

In all our projects the company uses only high quality materials for lightning design of facades and lighting of buildings. Despite the short time of using New Year’s decoration on facades of buildings and facilities, the uniqueness of this project will attract attention of everyone around. And if you want to attract the attention of customers all year round, our specialists recommend the use of decorative illumination of building fronts.