Tree decoration

outdoor decoration

Tree decorations in the parks and on the city streets with the help of LED garlands and original designs become increasingly popular during New Year’s and festive events. This type of festive decoration allows effectively to decorate trees in the winter time and to emphasize their beauty in the summer.

The structures consist of separate wires of different footage with consistently attached miniature light bulbs, which are connected in parallel. This connection allows you to create continuous lighting garlands, you don’t have to fear that if some bulb breaks down and all garland will not be able to function.

Thanks to their characteristics, such garlands are widely used for the decoration of outdoor facilities. They have a high safety and moister protection degree, so they can be used as a street lights for trees of any size, as well as for decoration of various objects with complex technical characteristics.

From the “Aira” company you can buy a variety of advanced models of garlands for tree decoration. Design of new models allows reducing considerably the process of mounting and dismounting and provides for the presence of a compact transformer, which is embedded in the wire garland and protects it from different damages and theft attempts.

Street tree garlands have several features that allow you to use them at any climatic conditions. In the working process they practically do not heat up, cold resistant and adapted to rapid temperature changes. With such characteristics they are durable and energy efficient, what allows to use the Christmas decoration of trees without significant power costs.

You can attach rays of different colors to one transformer on demand, which will create a Christmas tree decorating with various ornaments on tree tops. The variety of lighting garlands and various options for the design create a unique look for any tree. These lights can be used as decoration as for high fir trees and for small shrubs.

In addition to the usual LED garlands for tree decoration, The “Aira” company can offer a refined novelty – New Year’s decoration of the tree with custom made designs created with the help of LED rings of various diameters and colors. Through these structures you can decorate a huge number of trees of different height and density, and thus to create a stylish unified composition.