Led curtains

outdoor decoration

LED curtains are the most beautiful system of decorative lighting, with which you can decorate both interiors and outdoor facades or trees for Christmas. LED curtains are made in different color variations that are the most suitable for a particular facade or an interior.

Light curtain is a construction, which consists of a flexible frame with slots where LED garlands are connected. Thanks to its size, such LED design makes significantly more light effect than the individual garlands.

LED curtains provide high brightness, diversity and richness of colors, which is important for outdoor Christmas decoration of the city. The illumination can be clear (white), and colored - red, yellow, blue and green. There are varieties of light curtains with both steady and flickering (chasing), which is provided by a special built-up controller.

LED curtains made of fireproof safe materials, and can therefore be used for interior LED design of any type. Light curtains are with low consumption. They can be connected to 220V circuit through a power cord. In addition, there is the possibility of a cascade connection of several systems, which is provided by a special connector on the end of the stub and allows creating dimensional outdoor Christmas decorations of facades. In this regard, the light curtain is often used for decoration of walls, columns and stairs, to create sheds, to decorate terraces and of shop windows.

The “Aira” company offers a special service - installation of LED curtain and other elements of New Year’s decoration in the costumes of Santa Clauses that will attract people’s attention and create a sense of real Christmas show.