Led grids

outdoor decoration

One of the options with which street illumination made is LED grid (garlands specially designed to work with three dimensional forms in the illumination of facades of buildings or for landscape and interior design). LED grids can have different weaving and color palette that allows easily find the most suitable option for decoration.

LED grids are a network of wires with a LED in each node. On one gird there can be LEDs of one, two or four colors. LED grid can produce constant glow, or when connected through the controller give different dynamic lighting effects depending on the controller mode and grid color.

LEDs differ by low power consumption. They withstand low temperatures and are characterized by a higher degree of security, therefore, they are successfully used for illumination of facades of buildings and store windows. In addition, LEDs are well protected against external influences and can be used as an outdoor illumination for street lighting or interior decoration.

LED grids are easy to install and can be cascade connect to each other. You can wrap them around a hard frame or to hang between stands horizontally or vertically. Garlands of this type help to highlight practically any objects, creating three dimensional illuminations of facades of buildings. It can be simple geometric shapes and complex phantasmagorias. Light grids often perform a role of street illumination and decoration of store windows, roofs, windows, ceilings and walls. LED grids are also used as an element of the space arrangement. “Hanging down” flickering ceilings usually look very beautiful.