Led banners

outdoor decoration

Festive decoration of the city during the New Year’s period or any other holidays and special events creates an unforgettable atmosphere, transforms the streets and adds new bright colors to everyday life. Usually in the cities most attention is paid to the design of the central avenues and squares. LED banners or various designs of LED elements are applied for festive decoration of the streets.

Street illumination is the most important and prominent attribute of the New Year’s decoration of the city. Various LED structures, such as banners, LED garlands and others that are used in the design of streets, got its wide application not only because of the fact that they are the most effective and showy festive illumination element, but also because of their efficiency.

If you want to create a unique design for New Year’s street illumination for your home or office, our specialists will develop an individual project for you. Our company is engaged in the manufacture and development of various LED designs, creates a unique ensembles of festive illuminations. Depending on customer’s wishes and peculiarities of space a huge range of spectacular and bright elements of Christmas is used. Also you can buy New Year’s illumination in the form of ready-made designs. Most often LED banners, Christmas light consoles or dimensional LED figure are used for New Year decoration of the city.