Led strip lights

outdoor decoration

Christmas decoration of the city in recent years have been done using LED strip, which is due to a number of undeniable advantages became the leader among materials for festive decoration.

LED strip is a flat light cord from polymeric materials and LEDs inside it. Unlike incandescent lamps LEDs have lower energy consumption and the big resource of work till 100 000 hours glow without a break. Significantly, the LEDs emit virtually no heat, what makes them safe New Year’s decoration of the city.

In addition, LED strip is more resistant to mechanical loads and bending, upon this it is completely sealed, which means New Year’s illumination can be carried out outdoors at any precipitation. LEDs are more solid and can withstand ambient air temperatures in a wide range of -30 to +60 C. The service life of LED strip reaches up to 12 years.

At last, LED strip light differ by its clarity and color saturation, unlike incandescent lamps, which give a yellow shade. It has various modifications of glow: fixing, chasing, chameleon, multi-chasing. Fixing duralight creates continious glow New Year’s illumination. Chasing, multi-chasing and chameleon duralight work in various dynamic lighting conditions.

LED strip light is used in city decor as an outline illumination of architectural structures and lighting design of bridges and to create labels, flat or three dimensional figures for decoration of poles and trees.ination is most often done with the help of it.