led garlands

outdoor decoration

LED garlands have already become a traditional way of New Year’s decoration. Today there are several types of such garlands. They are used for interior decoration; there are also special outdoor garlands for trees and facades of houses and different buildings.

LED garlands are used for decorative illumination of office, trading, and even residential buildings and premises. We sell different color variations, as one-color - white, green, blue, red, yellow and multi-colored in different combinations. There are differences in the way of illumination, which may be either permanent or flickering. Characteristics of outdoor lights can withstand any weather conditions, they are safe, economical in use and durable, they can be used for several seasons.

If you want to create a smooth illumination of any design, you should use permanent glow garlands. Christmas trees, facades of buildings, trees and different facilities can be decorated with permanent glow LED garlands. Cascade connection of such garlands gives the opportunity to design structures of any size and create different compositions. Flickering lights by virtue of their illumination give lightness and grace to the buildings and various constructions. Such garlands can decorate any architectural forms.

For the period of New Year’s holidays the “Aira” company can offer you various compositions of New Year outdoor lights. You can buy outdoor garland directly from us, and our specialists will perform their installation in the chosen location of the premises, on the facade of the building or in the trees near your office. Such compositions will create an unforgettable festive mood.