Interior design

interior design

Festive interior decoration is a task that should be given a special attention during a preparation process for any event, whether it’s a New Year, an opening ceremony or a corporate event. In оinterior design it’s necessary to provide a lot of technical issues and to find the harmonious design, which is ideal for a specific interior, so it’s better to entrust this task to the professionals who will be able to execute all the work.



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The interior decoration for the festival contributes to the success of the event, allows emphasizing its solemnity and creating festive mood of the visitors. To provide high-quality interior decoration, you must use the original decorative elements, light constructions, highlights and decorations. If you need to organize the preparation of the facilities for the holiday, our specialists will prepare for you a unique project design and efficiently implement it in a short time.

The “Aira” company carries out all spectrums of works on decoration of premises for festive events. For indoor decoration we use the original LED design reflecting the specifics of the event, light elements, such as LED grids and garlands of different colors and shapes, and different design details of the interior decoration, allowing you to highlight and draw attention. For interior decoration for the New Year’s holidays we offer spectacular artificial designer fir trees. Fir trees can be used both outdoors and indoors. Designer artificial fir tree will be the main and most showy element of the festive interior decoration. Our fir trees presented in the classic version, and also with various light elements. In addition, a designer fir trees can be made in the corporate colors and using corporate symbols. The original solution for Christmas decoration is exclusive fir trees with entrance, allowing unusual organizing of the internal space of the fir tree. Each interior design project is carried out by our designers individually.