outdoor decoration

Bright decorative consoles have become the most popular decorations of city streets in the period of New Year’s holidays in recent years. These structures consist of Christmas duralight ornaments fixed on a metal frame. Typically, the console mounted on lighting posts that allows beautifully decorating any city street or avenue.




Bright designs look very well in any place of the street, so it is easier to perform any festive decoration of city streets with their help, creating a store windows. These consoles are suitable for any kind of corbel; they are perfect decoration for lighting poles, bridges, facades, show-windows of various shopping centers and other facilities.

The “Aira” company is engaged in manufacturing of decorative consoles. We offer outdoor Christmas decorations of different shapes, sizes and trends in style. Our company can offer options ready-made consoles with New Year themes, for example, snowmen, snowflakes, Santas, Christmas toys on the tree branches, etc. Color and ornament diversity of consoles helps to create festive atmosphere on the streets, which is so missed in everyday life.

If you want to create original unique street decoration for the holidays, our designers will help you to create a draft version suitable for you. Our company has its own manufacture, so it won’t be difficult for us to do a design created by you.