artificial fir trees

outdoor decoration

Christmas tree is the main detail of the interior and city streets decoration for the New Year holidays, and it is very important that this detail should be showy, original and attracting attention. Our company carries out the design and production of artificial fir trees of any size for installation indoors and outdoors.

Christmas tree is the main attribute of decoration of houses, squares and city streets and villages during the New Year’s celebration.


The “Aira” company is engaged in manufacturing of artificial Christmas trees of various sizes and styles, which can be installed as in the premises or placed on the streets. Each fir tree is created by a unique sketch. Our design fir trees are always pay its festive atmosphere and will be a perfect decoration.

For all the projects that are designed and produced by our company, we use special quality materials that are adapted to climatic features of our region, the latest decoration technologies are applied, we always consider and coordinate all the wishes and requirements of the client. As a rule, during the manufacture of designer fir trees removable elements are used, that permit to modify and enhance their appearance with minimal cost. The “Aira” company production allows you to create any projects on manufacturing of artificial Christmas trees.

The product range of our company is very diverse. Here you can buy an artificial Christmas tree that will suit any taste. We offer cost effective options, and expensive fir trees, which impress with their extraordinary luxury decoration. The range of our artificial Christmas trees differs from classic ones to exclusive designer handmade trees, with the use of LED materials imitating natural branches.

In addition, the “Aira” company is engaged in manufacturing of artificial fir trees, which don’t have analogues in Russia - a prefabricated convertible fir trees and fir trees with entrance.

Built-up fit trees

Unique European novelty - a built-up artificial Christmas trees.

Such a fir tree consists of a single frame, on which a conical design is set. There is also an ability to add any number of different items or levels. With this design you can create a different look of the fir tree. Its advantages include: the creation of the necessary tree height to fit in your premises or other spaces, the use of such a fir tree indoors as well as outdoors. Only high-quality cold-resistant materials are used for the production, so that its operating life will be long.

Fir trees with entrance

Another unique solution for New Year holidays is an artificial Christmas tree with a hollow base. For the production of such artificial fir trees we use large hollow structures. Thanks to such design fir trees can be installed as a through-passages or places for recreation. Such decorations of any trade or entertainment center will definitely attract the attention of visitors.