Private houses

Any lot, intended for walkings and leisure, needs furniture seats - namely benches. This element of outdoor-decor is ideas to use and care of , and it will become a favorite place to have a rest, as well as a spectacular touch to area design. In the catalog of our company you can find any bench to your taste: 
  • benches with a shed that will protect you from the sun or the rain;
  • benches with illumination, which create a pleasant atmosphere at night time;
  • suspended benches that will create a romantic mood, and will be a great entertainment for children.
We can also offer a wide range of LED furniture, beginning from fully illuminated seats, and ending with the unsurpassed designed figures.
Private land won’t stay without special devices for illumination of the territory. Light is a special aspect of any design, responsible for the appearance of the area and its versatility at any time of the day. We offer lighting props and lamps, garlands, spotlights and glowing objects of various shapes and colors. Both on holidays and on working days bright illumination will please your eyes and create a cosiness in the yard of your house. We can also offer a revolutionary type of lighting: LED paving stones. Wide functional spectrum of such sett will allow to decorate the area to all tastes, making this element one of the most trendy aspects of the decor. LED paving stones also are incredibly durable , water and corrosion resistant, and with long-term glow.
Of course, every garden also includes different types of vegetation, for this direction, "Aira" offers flower-pots and flower-beds of various types that will be a good part of any design and help you to bring your ideas of decoration of the manor to life. We will help you to choose the components to place the plants in any territory: different types of fastening elements for mounted attachments are available, as well as various shapes of flower-pots, which will become a great addition to any decor. Moreover, in the catalog there are LED planters, that will help your garden to shine at any time of the day. 
The finishing touch to the design of the private area can be non-trivial park figures, the role of which can be played by architectural objects of various shapes from the columns and coaches to animals and insects. The park figure can become a bright accent in the design of your yard or garden and will be enjoyed by the whole family, young and old.