Art objects

outdoor decoration

In the period of New Year holidays LED structures are widely used for the design of interiors and facades of buildings and various facilities. These dimensional backlit figures are of different shapes and types. LED structures are made of durable materials that make it possible to operate them outdoors.

This LED design fits perfectly into the environment. Internal or external illumination of buildings creates festive illumination, and is a good solution for the design of space. LED constructions are assembled from metal frame and are decorated with LED garlands. Figures from the LED structures can be fastened both suspended way and be attached to the surface. Such suspension figures are usually used for decoration of columns, pillars, facades of buildings, lighting poles, various architectural forms and other facilities. The most common suspension structures are figures of angels or the bells. For decoration of streets, squares, parks, various buildings, entrances to the shopping, entertainment centers, restaurants, shops they use LED structures in the shape of New Year characters, such as, Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, various New Year balls. Such LED design creates a festive atmosphere.




For decoration of building surrounding grounds during the period of New Year’s holidays LED designs of different forms are also widely used. The use of such light constructions can radically change the architectural concept of a building, for example, to turn it into a fairy-tale castle or surround mystery house with magical beasts and characters of fairy tales. These compositions will definitely take you to a real New Year fairy tale, will create a festive atmosphere at home and boggle the imagination of your guests. For cost-effective operation of dimensional LED structures energy-saving lamps are used. As for the use of such structures under any climatic conditions, even in the most severe frosts, high-strength cold-resistant materials are used during production.