Outdoor cache pots


The “Aira” company carries out production of the designer cache pots for the decoration of the streets, parks and squares of the cities. Stylish cache pots designs emphasize the natural beauty of flowers and plants and serve as a wonderful decoration. The designs are presented in various forms, shapes, colors and sizes.

The original design of the streets and green areas landscaping can be carried out with the use of spectacular decorative outdoor cache pots and painterly designs with planters.



Suspended cache pots with flowers are used to design fencing and lighting poles, and also for decoration of streets and park ensembles, facades of buildings, terraces and balconies.

We carry out development and realization of complex projects of beautification and decoration of the streets with the help of original planter designs. Enormous choice of designer constructions in different colors and compositional solutions helps you to find unique ways of streets and parks beautification.

Integrated landscaping with ornamental flowerpots can be implemented with the help of the existing variants of constructions, and upon individual design project, completed with all the features of the surrounding area and species of plants used in decoration. Dimensional designs with cache pots offer exceptional decoration possibilities for the flowers design of the streets, beautification of the territories and landscaping of green areas.