Children’s video playground for new generation



Children’s educational video playground for urban yards and parks is an interactive game space with touch screen, on which children can choose one from 100 educational games for their taste and age. The playground is absolutely versatile and flexible: no limits at its use, even 1-year-old kids will find an activity for themselves. For children of preschool age «classics» is the best choice, for little ones - the game «Kids Puzzle», which the kid can make himself or with the help of friends. Such a playground will help those parents who wants to find for their children something interesting and useful for the mind and body activity in the fresh air.


Children’s video playground are made of a unique video paving stone, which allows to broadcast videos, has anti-slip rubber surface, low-voltage power supply (12 V), t’s easily repaired and works under the water and in the frost up -70 ° C and also can withstand high mechanical loads , including percussion ones.


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The touch screen is made of robust and high-quality materials, that allows it to work in the the open space, and the special anti-vandal cover protect the touch screen from damage. Children’s video playgrounds are unique and have a low cost, so that they can be installed in all yards of the city. Children’s video playground has a long warranty period, and its size and shape are made individually to suit all preferences and terrain. Children’s video playground will give children many useful games , which allow them to develop themselves and play in the company of their friends and parents, not leaving the yard. It’s a great opportunity to give our children a happy and interesting childhood. Game video playgrounds are children’s playgrounds of a new generation, completely a new kind of save and developing entertainment, which has a great potential for further development in our country.