Led cache pots


Unique solution for landscaping is led cache pots - absolute hit and a "new word" in design and beautification of the city. Original led planters will decorate the city streets with the bright lights and in the daytime will please the eye with the beauty of plants and flowers.

As a recognized expert in the field of the areas beautification, we offer our clients the best and most modern design for landscaping and decoration of the cities. LED cache pots are unique, unequalled on the market and a new product, which combines a patented design of a flowerpot "Thermopot" with a spectacular LED decor.

A classic flower design of the city areas during day time and a spectacular LED decor during night time is the main advantage of planters.




Thanks to the use of various flower arrangements and a wide choice of options of lighting design, as well as additional decorative elements, banners, consoles, LED cache pots will be a spectacular element of decoration of the city for all the festivals and events all year round, including winter.

Use of cache pots complete with multi-color LED spotlights will allow you to change the general style of design quickly and cost-effectively, creating a new image of the city from season to season and from one festival to another.

Advantages of LED cache pots:

- Design durability. High performance: strength, durability, resistance to climatic precipitation and temperature extremes.

- All-season. The possibility of structure operating all year round, thanks to the use of additional elements and various ways of illumination.

- Wide decoration possibilities. Branding of LED planters and the possibility to combine them with various holiday constructions, banners and decorations.

- Spectacular lighting design. A wide selection of LED elements and lights of various colors allows you to create an eye-catching design of the city with the ability of color zoning.