LED paving stones

LED paving stones show new possibilities for the improvement of parks, decoration of streets and courtyards. This element has a wide range of functions: LED sett is used in landscaping and paving of sidewalks, walkways, as well as in the decoration of parks and greenery.

The use of LED paving stones is not limited to municipal areas, they can be also used for the arrangement of private property from the catwalks to the gardens. A wide functional range of elements allows to decorate the area for all tastes, which makes LED paving stones one of the most trendy decor elements.

LED sett is not only an addition to the visual appearance of the space, but also a regulator of city traffic. It is used to highlight the «secure islands» for pedestrians and mark bicycle paths, also paving stones can be put in as bands for a comfortable and safe maneuvering in parking lots at night, and in addition - to mark the tram stops at the carriageway. This element of modernization of movement will help to significantly reduce the number of emergency situations on the road.

LED sett is an incredibly resistant element, the surface of which made of an optically transparent high-strength synthetic rubber. It is non-slip, resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and is designed for tens of years of service. The brightness of LEDs allows to distinguish "lights under your feet" through the thickness of snow up to 40 centimeters. Monolithic technology of manufacturing of LED paving stones allows to completely isolate the electrics from moisture.

The main characteristics of LED sett are: durability, corrosion resistance, water resistance and ability to withstand high mechanical loads. Such paving stone differs with its integrity of all LED elements and wide temperature range (from -60 ° C up to +90 ° C), which allows it to remain intact in any weather. LED sett is also resistant to dirt, the impact of fungi, mold and aggressive environment, has a tactile coating. Guaranteed service life is not less than 50 000 hours, warranty glow period - 3 years..