Large balls with led screen

facades and interiors

Led technology is constantly developing, boggling with new models and expanding areas of their application. We offer to your attention bright, energy-efficient and functional large balls with leds, which are perfect for lighting, decorative and advertising design at the same time.

Large glowing orbs with LEDs are very popular for light design of interior spaces of shopping and entertainment complexes, different terminals and business centers. LED balls allow you to stream video and easily update the media on relevant topics. Non-standard form and big size of balls (from 1 m) with LEDs distinguishes them from the usual static media screens.

LED balls can be impressive interactive advertising media, attracting the audience’s attention, for example, to the shop at the shopping mall, promotions and special offers, or translating operational information in office complexes. In addition, such designs are irreplaceable for branding, broadcast information about sponsors etc. during the festive events, exhibitions and all kinds of shows.

Bright and quality image with high resolution truly causes a wide application of LED balls in interior design. They compel attention and create amazingly beautiful visual effect without losing the integrity of the image. Symmetrical arrangement of several LED balls in the same room looks especially impressive and elegant.

Fastener system of large LED balls is easy and safe. Despite the large diameter the structure weight is relatively small.