The residence of Father Frost

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Nadezhda Babkina in conjunction with the "Aira" company and the Home of Father Frost (Velikiy Ustyug) presents the project "The Residence of Father Frost in your city" – a unique entertainment infrastructure in a modern Russian style. "The residence of Father Frost" is a multigrade creative space for leisure of citizens, promotion of Russian culture among the youth, conduction of the traditional Russian holidays and social projects.

The project "Velikiy Ustyug – homeland of Father Frost" exists and is actively developing in Russia for 15 years. It received wide public recognition, strong support of the Federal and local mass media, Ministry of Culture, government of Vologda and Moscow regions.
Every year Russian “Santa Claus” embarks on a New Year trip through the cities of Russia. This good tradition, existing for 8 years, was a long-awaited and favorite event.



The project "The Residence of Father Frost in your city" was developed with the direct participation of the Home of Father Frost and design support from the "Aira" company, and aims to promote the brand of "Father Frost" and organization of unique and memorable holiday on the city streets.

The project is based on an elaborate system of structures, interconnected and complementary to each other, made in several colors single style:

- Entrance group. Used to visually indicate the residence.

- Stalls. Serve to organize the Christmas fair for residents and visitors of the cities.

- Children’s play area — a dedicated space for children (slides, swings, roundabouts and other playground infrastructure objects).

- Christmas ice rink, in a project’s total look

- The place of meeting with Father Frost — is a certain area for meeting with Father Frost during his visit to the city as part of the Christmas journey. Can be converted into a festive scene for the Christmas events.

- Christmas trees made in style of the project. Various options for size and color choices. Intended for decoration of the residence and the streets of the city.


The main idea of the project "The Residence of Father Frost in your city" — to build unique public spaces in the cities during winter holidays that are intended for city events, made in traditional Russian style with recognizable ornaments and patterns of Father Frost. A wide range of designs gives you the opportunity to design an area according to an individual plan, depending on installation location and features of the surrounding space.


We present to your attention a film dedicated to the project "The Residence of Father Frost in your city":


Christmas ice rink, in a project’s total look