Landscape lights

landscape lights

LED technology is used for spot lighting of part of the landscape, and for complex lighting design of the territory. Aesthetic lighting allows not only selecting individual elements, but also, for example, making defects of the areas invisible. The “aira” company offers a wide range of LED technology for architectural lighting.

Illumination of trees with the help of LED lights is widely used in urban design and landscape design of home gardens. After dark trees with LED lighting turn into real art objects arresting attention. Besides, this kind of lighting pursues and functional purpose: lighting of a garden or an alley at night, and zoning of the territory. Spotlights can be placed on available lighting supports, or can be placed on the ground with the help of special concrete bases/posts complete with vandal-proof mesh.



Using the spotlights gives an opportunity to vary the direction, the color of the light flow, achieving maximum artistic effect. The LEDs don’t radiate heat, are powered by low voltage, and therefore safe for trees even if attached closely. Such installations will require minimal cost, because the lights consume a small amount of energy and have a long service life, water or snow resistant. LED lights can also be used for illumination of sports facilities (stadiums, tennis courts, and gyms), large open areas and buildings (warehouses, terminals, and parking lots), industrial buildings.

In addition to the dominant object, as trees or flower beds, a separate plants and shrubs require lighting. The most effective option, which allows achieving glowing form the inside, is waterproof LED garlands. Their smooth and soft light seems to envelop plants, while avoiding overheating - thermal radiation power of garlands specially designed for a sparing effect.

LED garlands can decorate body of tree: multi-beam designs, which repeat the form of trunk and branches, look especially spectacular. To emphasize the alley of trees LED structures can be used for decoration of trunks at the base: the same form, and built one after another they create the emphasis on the orderly and harmonious lines.

Expressive lighting of lawns, individual plants and tracks is possible with the help of landscape lighting. They can also be an independent element of exterior: their design, configuration and height astonishingly vary.

We also offer interesting options for the alleys design. So, the installation of spotlights with headers will vary the usual look of tracks with different projected figures. Even more original option would be sidewalk paving stones with backlight: you can choose a solid paving of sidewalks, paths and grounds, and an installation of only a few elements to create accents.

High quality of the products fully ensures water resistance, frost resistance and impact resistance of architectural illumination of landscape and building facades.