Tree lighting

landscape lights

Decorative illumination of trees is suitable for decorating gardens and residential yards, design of pedestrian alleys and parks. In one case or another, lighting can completely transform a space, adding the magical sparkle. Soft sparkling light fits not only for Christmas Eve and New Year’s holidays. Our lighting options for trees are appropriate for year round use and will brighten any party or wedding, and suit for garden zoning and cozy lighting shaded areas.

Miniature light bulbs of LED garlands are virtually indistinguishable between the branches and leaves and create diffused stream of light, gently illuminating the crown. The main advantage of LED lights is their safety. Unique technical characteristics of LEDs provide resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

In addition, LED bulbs are 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. The difference in power consumption can be substantial, if we are talking about decoration of large areas. The lifetime of LED lamps also excels the lifespan of incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting of the trees in the garden or alleys performs a navigation function, allowing you to accurately navigate in the dark. Also this decorative solution beautifies the landscape and highlights new areas. LED lights can create the effect of glowing leaves, simulate a purple shine of cherry blossoms, and highlight the trunks of trees. The lighting elements of larger size (stars, flowers, snowflakes, etc.) can be placed on tree branches or even interlock with each other forming a single sphere around the crown of the tree.